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Enquiries on search of Ukrainian-made export products  
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Enquiries on search of Ukrainian-made export products by foreign companies

Every day Administration of the Portal receives numerous enquiries on search of Ukrainian-made export products by foreign companies.

The wire of enquiries demonstrates, which products are the most popular among the Portal users, and informs (find dropping-out list under each commodity name), as well as informs, which Ukrainian suppliers were recommended.

February 2013 January 2013 December 2012
Sunflower seeds Frozen whole chicken Iron sheets (second quality)
Pumpkin seeds Cement Carbon steel 12x2h4aw
Cooking oil Crude and refined sunflower oil Spars, ties and frames for vintage aircraft restoration
Sodium hydroxide Wheat Steel
Sulfuric acid UREA Pipe
  Charcoal Bars
  Pine saw timber Sugar
    Sunflower oil
    Animal grain feed, (pigs, chickens)
    Corn (maize) Grade-2
    Reinforcing steel
    Slab steel
    Billet steel


November 2012 October 2012 September 2012
CRCA coils Urea46% Milk clarifiers and skimmers
CR sheets Dry milk Bars
HR sheets Sugar Sunflower seeds, meals
Wire rods Industrial beet molasses Linseeds
Cereal straw (hs code 1213) Starch Wheat bran
Scrap Sunflower seeds Pasta
Spare parts of Mi-17 and Mi-35 Caustic soda Natural honey
Sunflower oil Ilmenite concentrate Beverages
Re-enforced steel bars Refined corn oil Refined corn oil
Aluminum ingots Hot dip galvanized steel coils Liquid caustic soda
Urea 46% Silver or stainless steel items such as beads, clasps, chain Potassium sulfate
  Cold rolled carbon steel coil Sunflower oil
  Garlic Wheat flour (bread flour)
  Naphthalene flakes Barley seeds
  Sunflower oil Rapeseeds
  Carbon black(N-330 and B-550) Soyabeen
  Hydraulic compression press  


August 2012 July 2012 June 2012
Garlic Crude tar Walnut in shell or walnut kernels
Plain iron rebar 8.8 GRADE 46 Jams Pine logs, beech logs
Wheat bran Mineral fertilizer, urea grade B Sunflower cooking oil
Sunflower seed meal, pellets Sunflower oil Steel billets grade 3sp & 5sp
Sugar beet pulp Zirconium silicate Dried yellow corn/maize seed/kernel
Soybeans, corn, barley Sawn oak and beech Corn, sunflower meal, fodder grain
Carbon black Oilseed meals, wheat bran in pellets, corn, soybean, wheat, barley, sunflower seeds Wheat bran coarse or flake
Bitumen   Vodka
Coal tar   Vegetable oil
Lithium NLGI-3 grease   Steel wire rod in coil aisi 1006
Zirconium silicate   Feed for animals
Sugar   Waste sunflower oil


May 2012 April 2012 March 2012
Steel Scrap MS Sunflower oil Sunflower oil meals
Pine logs, beech logs Peeled sunflower seeds Glacial acetic acid
Cobbles chopped Wheat flour Tin and aluminum for tin producing
  Steel billet Yellow corn
  Anthracite Coal,Steam Coal Iron ore exporters
  Spare parts for freight and passenger wagons Soybeans
  Salt Glass bottles for fresh water with screw-on cap (0,5-0,75,1,0-1,5-8,0-19,0 liter)
  Wet blue Saw timber (spruce, oak, pine, beech)
    Marble (Limestone)


2012 2012 2011
Bitumen, graphite, brass, bronze, cast iron, coke oven tar Anthracite Sugar
Base oil, white sprite Beech wood Paper reels
Plywood Sunflower oil refined Titanium dioxide
Forgings for nuclear station equipment ; Scrap Fertilizers
Galvanized plate, roll Potassium Sulphate Rapeseed, sunflower seed and corn oil
Sunflower and soybean oil Salt Pea Seed
Milk powder Rolled steel, steel plates and angles Frozen products (fish, hen, meat etc)
Locomotive wheels Sunflower seeds, wheat, rice Hygiene, toilet and disinfectants products
Wet blue split leather and cow salted hides Fertilizer, urea, NPK Chicken eggs
Cereals and grains Wheat flour, bran Raw Ukrainian amber
Sunflower seeds (unblanched) Brass and bronze White wood
Bars, pipe, square billets, rolled steel Bitumen Scrap
Sugar Graphite and coke-oven tars Ferro alloys
Cereals and grains Cast iron  
Corn for feed Steel pipes  



November 2011 October 2011 September 2011
Barley, wheat, corn Coal HMS, USED RAILS
Edible sunflower oil Ethyl alcohol and crops Apples
Steel billet, pig iron, cast iron Rapeseed Sunflower seeds, cereals, nuts
Aluminum screw caps for alcohol industry Turbogenerator Mineral drinking water
Walnut H.R.Coils, plates, C.R.coils, billets, bars, steel scrap Companies specializing in wooden poles for the electricity utility network
Refined white sugar Urea N 46% Vegetable oil, grain (wheat, rapeseed)
  Paper manufacture cylinder mould Rapeseed oil (biofuel)
  Silicone manganese Wheat Bread Flour
    Polyamide, elastane, synthetic fibres
    Refined sunflower oil
    Anthracitic coal
    Steel Billet
    Wood chip boiler 50-500KW
    Raw skin pig
    Saw timber (conifer)



August 2011 July 2011 June 2011
Reinforcement Steel Bar Car assembly Beverages
Sunflower oil Iron product Sardine preserves
Injection carbon Metallurgic slug Sugar
Coal Pellet Casting products (steel, alumina, plastic)
Aluminum alloy AK5M2 Waste vegetable oil ollow profiles of cast iron
Ferro silicon manganese Flour Urea-formaldehyde and Melamine resin
Pig iron Women wear Biomass - pellets from sunflower husk, technical cake, sawdust
Coke Drugs (antibiotics, vitamins, medicine for asthma, prophylactic drugs, etc.) Rod, profile
  Iron ore Waste paper
    Ferrous scrap
    Sunflower and vegetable oil, rapeseed oil
    Live cattle
    Chicken prepack
    Saw timber
    Oil processing products
    Soda ash light



May 2011 April 2011 March 2011
Coke coal Soy bean Refined and crude sunflower oil
Feed barley Seeds and fertilizers Wheat
Steam coal Medicinal herbs and forest berry Buckwheat
Walnuts in shell Scotch Rye
Hardware and instruments Cereals (rice, semolina, buckwheat, millet, wheat, peas, etc.) Sugar
Urea Canned products, spicery, provisions Yellow orn and soybean meal
Copper billets Confectionery Casting molds
NPK and urea Household chemicals (washing powder, liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel, dishwashing detergent, etc.) Canned fish
Refined beet sugar Zirconium, hafnium, tantalum, vanadium, chromium Canned milk
Sunflower oil Milk powder Canned vegetables
Ammonium sulphate Chicken Fresh apples
Wet blue leather Ferrous alloys Christmas decorations
Refined soybean, corn and vegetable oils Anthracite coal Security systems
rude rapeseed oil Electro technical equipment Peat
Flour Flaxseed Oak industrial wood
Margarine Cement Railway wheel sets
Sawn timber Crude and refined sunflower oil Roller chains
Hot rolled plate, coils, and billet Iron ore NPK and urea
Titanium dioxide Carbon fiber Wet-blue leather
  Dried distillers grains with solubles Bio oil
  Urea n46 Wire rod
  Polyethylene Polyethylene pellets
  Barley Reed cane
    Feed barley grade #2
    Paper packaging
    Coking coal
    Grapevine wood
    Vegetable oil



February 2011 January 2011 December 2010
Casseroles, cookers Pine, spruce, ash Impregnated pine timbers or poles
Silicate zirconium Live stock bulls sheep cattle Pellet
Beet sugar Wheat for making flour White oak logs
Rapeseed and sunflower oil Rice Oil and petrochemical
Wheat and yellow corn Coal Tar, Coal Tar Pitch Pork cutting
Millet Steel reinforcement, channel bar Forfaiting
Wire rod Wheat Conveyor oven
Welded pipes Walnut Sugar
Beams Saw timber, board, timber and round timber, procurements for pallets Hand tools for bead jewellery making
Technical salt Frozen chick Canned fish (goby fish in tomato sauce)
Steel pipe Sunflower oil Cast iron
Water pumps Tomato paste Wheat flour
Presses, packaging machines for oal briquettes Frozen vegetables lay roofing tiles
Gas-condensate base oil refinery Treated Electric utility pole from red wood of scotch pine Agricultural fertilizers
Frozen meat Pellets Vegetable oil
Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP) Hardware Beverages
Cardboard, vinyl binding material, paper Matches Juices
Oak furniture Glass, paper napkins, metal decoration, wooden frames, interior equipment for kitchen and bathroom Canned fish
Juice press Wood chipboard Confectionery
Bakery PET caps Vegetables and Fruits
Steel building armature Sugar Chicken
Steel coils, angles, plates Ammonium nitrate Pork and beef
  Wood and wood board Pasta
  Electric power Confectionery
  Toilet paper, paper towel arriage, goods van, mail van, luggage van, open wagon, tank car
  Apples Concrete mixers and carriages
    Forage wheat and corn



November 2010 October 2010 September 2010
Pine Wood Ilmenite, Kyanite, Sillimanite, Titanium Dioxide, Brown Fused Alumina, White Fused Alumina, Silicon Carbide) Iron ore fines
Aluminum windows Electrodes Refined and Crude Edible Oils (Refined and Crude Sunflower, Corn, Soybean and Rapeseed Oils)
Wood pellets, Chips wood, Firewood, Wooden boards Paper mill & Paper manufacturer // Paper Machine Clothing (Forming fabric, Dryer screen, Felt, Belt) Rape producers
Paper and Board Feed barley PVC
Bee-farming products, honey Oil / Gas / Petrochemical / industrial valves Wood (spruce boards, dimensions: 80 mm width, 18 mm thick and 4000 mm in length)
Ferro silicon Furnaces (vacuum-salt bath-Muffle, etc) / deep chrome electroplating line / Phosphate line Metals (magnesium)
Medium density fiberboard, Wood fiber board, Wood chipboard Soya Bean Fat-and-oil industry (soybean and sunflower oils and meals)
Graphite and products, incl: graphite lubrication, graphite composites, other types of graphite Chicken Rail wheels (Solid Forge Wheel)
AC traction motors Wire flour-grinding sieve screens Table grape wines
Titanium dioxide, phthalic anhydride orn Rail components / parts
Paint solvent Feed for poultry (soybeans) Cast aluminum dishware
Oak board Live cows (cattles) Machine tools for metal (Presses-jig boring-jig grinding)
Copper cathode Dry milk products for children Titanium dioxide
Steel band Ethyl Alcohol – 96% Knit and woven ladies cloths
Polimers - PA-6, PA-66 Sunflower meals, corn meal, corn bran, sugar beet pellet and other similar products for animal usage, in other words animal feeds or fodders Mineral (Zircon Sand)
  Pharmaceutical products (Finished dosage forms) from manufacturers in Ukraine Sugar
  Boron nitirde Flute cardboard
  Iron scrap, and USED RAIL Steel plate, band, pipe
  Calcium ammonium nitrate  
  Pharmaceutical products (Finished dosage forms) from manufacturers in Ukraine  
  Corn, soybeans, barley, wheat  
  Vegetable oil  
  Medium density fiberboard, Wood fiber board, Wood chipboard, Oriented strand board  
  Steel profile, angel, beam, plate  
  Rental of construction equipment  
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Ukrainian Exporters
41, Yavornitskogo Str., Stryi, Lviv Region
3- . , 3, . . , ,
12B, Somovskaya Str., Kharkov
21 600-letiya Str., Vinnitsa
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Pork carcasses and semi-carcasses

PP multifilament yarn


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Enterprise is interesting to supply halva to Romania

The Tigres Corporation is a group of legal entities and individuals, whose main activity is production, ...

Epoxy resin indoor and outdoor insulators voltage from 10kV-35kV and more (standart and individual order).